Your own town,
Another Expo site.


Let’s make our city another Expo site and ensure continuity from the Expo.

Don't confine the Expo to just the Yumeshima site; let's make the most of this opportunity throughout the city.
Machigoto Expo -All Osaka is an Expo- the “City Pavilions”serve as another Expo site: a diverse array of events, projects, and individuals working tirelessly to revitalize Osaka in anticipation of Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai. These passionate individuals are driven by a shared vision: to leverage the Expo as a catalyst for positive change, leaving a lasting legacy of vibrancy and value for the community. Through this website, we will communicate the city’s potential created by the Expo. We aim to preserve this value even after the Expo concludes.
Through this website, we will communicate the city's potential created by the Expo. We aim to preserve this value even after the Expo concludes

Let's make the Machigoto Expo our own and enjoy it!

This website provides constantly updated information on all events, projects, and individuals registered under “City Pavilions”. Additionally, the site features special content such as articles that highlight interesting activities across the city and the dedicated people driving these initiatives. We hope this website inspires you to participate in events that interest you, register your activities as ”City Pavilions”, and fully embrace the Machigoto Expo -All Osaka is an Expo-.

Each content is currently only available in Japanese. Translation function will be available soon.


Up-to-date information on events taking place in the city

Explore a wealth of continually updated information on events, featuring opportunities to engage in local activities after your visit to the Expo site. Discover events curated not only for the Expo period, but also for the pre- and post- events initiated by the Expo.

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Transcending Boundaries, Leaving a Legacy: Cross-Industry, Cross-Area Projects Shaping Our City

From making new Japanese sweets in Osaka to an event to enjoy trains in a new way, from central Osaka to all over Osaka Prefecture. Various projects that transcend industries and regions are registered in the Machigoto Expo -All Osaka is an Expo-. The activities and results of these projects will be recorded and disseminated.

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Players active in the town, energizing the Expo

“People”are also captivating “City Pavilion”. We feature leaders who organize projects in town and masterminds who create exciting events.

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